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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    I'm stoked to finally show what it was like working a 'real job' as a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years. This collab was so fun even if I could only understand what the guys were saying 25% of the time. Go watch their video and subscribe and show them some love!

    • Xaidyn Minnemann
      Xaidyn Minnemann

      Yo wassap

    • wolf_playsYT

      Aww u didnt do the boat

    • JB Wilson
      JB Wilson


    • ɨʟʟ ʊֆɛ ʍʏ ɖɛǟȶɦ ռօȶɛ օռ ʏօʊ.
      ɨʟʟ ʊֆɛ ʍʏ ɖɛǟȶɦ ռօȶɛ օռ ʏօʊ.

      Yeah mate sometimes the accent gets a bit strong haha

    • Shisui Uchiha
      Shisui Uchiha

      I dont like science

  • Cardenas09

    12:15 anyone else noticed how it did a perfect flip?

  • Cardenas09

    I for one live in Australia and yes it is 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️

  • Cameoman

    When that car landed on its wheels I could almost see it swerving and driving off with victory music in the background

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith

    Its actually insane how strong those springs were..... Im shocked they didnt completely give out with the car landing on them. I expected it to be shot back up but for the Springs to still be functional is just mental to me.

  • Rosyundertaleidk YT
    Rosyundertaleidk YT

    Any fellow acrophobias out there who either fainted or almost fainted just at the idea of how tall that must’ve been? :’)

  • Nhyira Williamson
    Nhyira Williamson

    I am a fan of both row ridiculous and your channel

  • X-26 YT
    X-26 YT

    3:09 HAHA

  • Shomex Shome
    Shomex Shome

    Very nice 🙏🏻👍

  • MrAlpakaZockt

    can someone pls say me the title from the song at 1:45 PLS... i am sorry for my bad english (i am german) who ever can help me thx.

  • Copper Shortsword
    Copper Shortsword

    Science has evolved into beautiful entertainment like this

  • Mark Hodgson
    Mark Hodgson

    I’ve been there that’s in gin gin Australia

  • ABHISHEK Kumar
    ABHISHEK Kumar

    I wish to know what would happen if mark rober falls on the trampoline. 🤔😂

  • They are Awesome
    They are Awesome

    could have put a gopro in that

  • Unitec Resources
    Unitec Resources


    • Unitec Resources
      Unitec Resources

      G0 G0 G0 G0

  • r yan wang
    r yan wang

    The thing that interest me is how he got a f*cking car up there like how

  • Andris Klindzans
    Andris Klindzans

    Car without engine is not a car 😂😂😂

  • ca294

    I can't believe it, it actually worked 😮

  • Oliver Desplinter
    Oliver Desplinter

    Was anyone in that car?

  • Seagold

    U6syby. S

  • Fahmo Yusuf
    Fahmo Yusuf

    Who would dare to jump down there

  • Gabe Garcia
    Gabe Garcia

    3:05 Dude. That was trippy.

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester

    11:00 I loved how he is just on a roof all of a sudden

  • Michael Lê Sanh Minh Nhật
    Michael Lê Sanh Minh Nhật

    Car flip boy!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just Vayden
    Just Vayden

    i dare u to try to drive it now

  • mr.netherite gaming
    mr.netherite gaming

    3:06 nice cut there

  • Ty Pryor
    Ty Pryor

    These beamng drive graphics mods are getting really realistic!

  • gux

    I'm just wondering, to drop the heavy ball they did a lot of effort, but could you imagine the effort to climb the tower carrying it?

  • Carly Whitehill
    Carly Whitehill

    1:04 -1:11 me just a simple mark rober process wait how much math was on that chart....... I TAKE IT BACK I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT

  • Joseph Cawley
    Joseph Cawley

    it's red

  • Joseph Cawley
    Joseph Cawley

    4:14 blame it on sharks

  • Yolly Santos
    Yolly Santos

    Now drop the strongest trampoline to the strongest trampoline

  • Soham Kalgaonkar
    Soham Kalgaonkar

    What is a speed boat doing in a middle of a deserted land🤨


    This is the bare bones definition of boys will be boys 😂

  • Archie Brown
    Archie Brown

    drop a tramp on that tramp

  • Emily T
    Emily T

    car: preapears for trampolines death* trampoline: yeets car of*

  • Meowscles the cat
    Meowscles the cat

    The water balloons floated 😳😳😳

  • Brett Ray Grebing
    Brett Ray Grebing

    Why is the tower in Arizona?

  • Crazy Canuck
    Crazy Canuck


  • Andrew Sprague
    Andrew Sprague

    Is no one else going to talk about how the car parked itself

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch


  • FNCS Joshy
    FNCS Joshy


  • Transil Productions
    Transil Productions

    8:53 OMG SHREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chaos Builder
    Chaos Builder

    I acctually thought the watermelon that bounced on the car was real

  • Nick Armin Ramos
    Nick Armin Ramos


  • Ash Haselgrove
    Ash Haselgrove

    Cheers for the collab Mark also thanks for the kilos as an Australian

  • Matthew Pham
    Matthew Pham

    Thats content baby

    • Dylan Knouse
      Dylan Knouse

      It is...?

  • Wheelsian

    I know how you feel about hights im scared about them to i hope you understand that not just you is scared of hights other people are too anyways have a great day Mark Rober.

  • rzp penny
    rzp penny



    There bigger than you think

  • Lachlan Whitelaw
    Lachlan Whitelaw

    i went to this place for a school excursion

  • Sonic

    That was awesome

  • Henry Lee
    Henry Lee

    cool i guesssssssssssssssss

  • 501st Gamer
    501st Gamer

    Im an Aussie

  • Abang edo
    Abang edo

    yeah we know that's not too bouncing becauze the spring to overpowering.. soo why they laugh?? 😏

  • Ethan Borochoff
    Ethan Borochoff

    the pink ball became a real ufo

  • Pookster 10
    Pookster 10

    i genuinely thought it bounced and hit the car XD

  • Snethemba MTHEMBU
    Snethemba MTHEMBU

    Damm I need that trampoline and the car I think it was heavy for what ever you used to lift

  • Aga Zamożniewicz
    Aga Zamożniewicz

    11:57 : I jumping in GTA 5

  • Prilosex OTC
    Prilosex OTC

    "What the freakin heck"

  • jibin shaji
    jibin shaji

    Rip to the owner of the car.....

  • morne strydom
    morne strydom

    So awesome I can’t look anymore I like your videos it’s awesome🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  • Naveen chandra Pant
    Naveen chandra Pant

    12:00 is that Time 😃😃 I saved ur 12 minutes.।। Thank me latter

  • Danny Powers
    Danny Powers

    One minute green other red waves

  • Louise Thomas
    Louise Thomas

    I like how he just said walk to Australia, like it was nothing 🤣

  • Squirrel ! Was taken :/
    Squirrel ! Was taken :/

    Alt title: the attack of the water melons

  • parshu.

    At 12:00

  • Ryan Egley
    Ryan Egley

    The sound tho6:40

  • King - Brawl Stars
    King - Brawl Stars

    At 5.04 one of the watermelons exploded before it even hit the trampoline.

    • Igbfstcpyt Bill
      Igbfstcpyt Bill

      Cuz it hit one of the other wotermelons

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    I think that might be a write off

  • Dekker Evans
    Dekker Evans

    Hey Mark Mr beast saw you do this

  • Ziv Javen Berjuela
    Ziv Javen Berjuela

    This looks like a burst of blood that I see on movies 4:11

  • Eusebio Gonzalez
    Eusebio Gonzalez

    Nice video but the problem is The wheels aren’t connected to the body of the car and that kids child hood is ruined btw nice video

  • Alexander Hare
    Alexander Hare

    so cool

  • Xaidyn Minnemann
    Xaidyn Minnemann

    Is it just me of did I hear whistling from the ball

  • Jamie Stout
    Jamie Stout

    The car part was at 11:45

  • BlockyDough

    My favorite part is water ballons

  • B1azingflame-_-

    normal people: thats really impresive me: is the my mouse that hes using

    • Igbfstcpyt Bill
      Igbfstcpyt Bill

      @B1azingflame-_- oh I see

    • B1azingflame-_-

      @Igbfstcpyt Bill that when they were designing in cad the australian guy was using the mouse i currently have

    • Igbfstcpyt Bill
      Igbfstcpyt Bill

      Tf that supposed to mean tho

  • tsunami bork
    tsunami bork


  • Alexander Petts
    Alexander Petts

    What if someone was in the car

  • Phat Gus
    Phat Gus

    I have returned

  • TM mot high
    TM mot high

    11:22 why is he on the roof

  • JR

    What did you do for a living? I did work at NASA and Appel, but now I construct trampolins that can bouns cars.

  • CaptianEO

    That cut to the office is seamless

  • rzeka

    5:00 that one part in the first level of Frogger Beyond

  • jorge rodriguez
    jorge rodriguez

    Wonder why didn't throw with tires down seems like it bent. A bit thrown in that way but meeh

  • JônatasThePoliglotaKidsCreator

    What if you were inside the car? 😶

  • Bamfxc 1313
    Bamfxc 1313

    That are Australian

  • Atti and rocky games
    Atti and rocky games


  • Just Eggs
    Just Eggs

    The boat drop was like the ending of a season 1 JoJo episode with Turnaround music

  • dlpfrosty


  • Cristina Unofficial
    Cristina Unofficial

    wesdxcfvr a.k.a. awsome

  • sujata pachoni
    sujata pachoni

    This car doesn't have engine so the weight of the car should be around 200 kg

  • Boomba

    Wait- this was filmed in Australia? But that’s not possible because Australia doesn’t exist

  • MonkeyRacer

    Alternate Title: Throwing things upside down on a trampoline

  • Starrangers game time E
    Starrangers game time E

    I think ur video is in a bowling alley

  • ioannis kivrakidis
    ioannis kivrakidis

    4:26 gluon gun

  • Reverse ._.
    Reverse ._.

    Question Do I use Mrbeast honey or Mark Rober honey? :/

  • Cali Shaffer
    Cali Shaffer

    Noice :)

  • Kari O'Neill
    Kari O'Neill

    Mark if you like Australia watch lazarbeam