The Truth About my Son
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    If I look younger here it's because this video is actually 2 years old and it's just taken us this long to feel comfortable releasing it since this is the internet. So please be kind and please consider sharing and donating :)

    • Fireruner12

      My brother has autism too

    • KracerPlays

      i want to donate so bad but i cant in this country :(

    • Derpyotter Playzz
      Derpyotter Playzz

      His so cute

    • Kayley Kitty Paws UwU
      Kayley Kitty Paws UwU


    • Vyctrr

      Sure do ;)

  • Spaghetti

    Make sure he has a happy life 😁😊

  • Skeep man
    Skeep man

    His videos gives me hope for humanity

  • Viktor Caleb
    Viktor Caleb

    i read it as authentic son

  • James Bryan PH
    James Bryan PH

    I want to give you're son a letter because according to the golden rule Do what you want to do to you and don't want you don't

  • KZ

    hey mark ive watched this video about 40 time everytime i need a refreshment about how other people enjoy life in different ways while i dont enjoy it but allways makes me smile

  • G3s Thinks
    G3s Thinks

    From 3:32 to 3:40 everyone can feels what it is to be having autism.

  • Alfonso Bartolo
    Alfonso Bartolo

    This is heart touching having the courage to show the internet your sons disability respect

  • Anukul Nikam
    Anukul Nikam

    Your videos always inspire me...Love you mark.....

  • NST Messie
    NST Messie

    My brother has autism and he is a math genius stg

  • Gaurav Subedi
    Gaurav Subedi

    None is ununique they all are unique by there mind or their sensitivity

  • Tywon LaRose
    Tywon LaRose

    Your son is the cuties I really want to meet him he’s truly 1 of a kind

  • abigail c
    abigail c

    his smile and energy are so contagious you kind of can't help but feel the same happiness that he does

  • Sarah's Art and Cooking
    Sarah's Art and Cooking

    I get you, keep going ang growing

  • Soup Dejour
    Soup Dejour

    I’ll be honest with you, as a father I respect your courage. On top of that, I couldn’t keep my composure while watching this. I’ve always loved your channel and everything you’ve offered but this pierced my heart immensely, to the core.

    • LOGAN7907


  • Rumpkin

    no one is perfect

  • Schneider Classics
    Schneider Classics

    your Awesome mate

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    My brother has CDKL5

  • CitrousFlea1793


  • Stormi :p
    Stormi :p

    I always wear an anklet that says, “Autism Awareness” and it has puzzle pieces

    • Stormi :p
      Stormi :p

      @LOGAN7907 not really-

    • LOGAN7907

      Want a metal

  • Gage Marks
    Gage Marks

    we actually have a kid that goes to our school that has autism and can tell you the exact day on a calendar

  • Acid_Pelican

    I have diagnosed autism level 2, and i want to thank you for bringing this sensitive topic up!

  • Benita Benita
    Benita Benita

    I love your son so much by just wanting him in this vedio...his laugh is truly infectious that I was smiling like mad whenever he did. He is a bag of joy and bliss..😍.you and your wife are so blessed and loads of respect for u guys💯

  • Westin Martin
    Westin Martin

    I watch this over and over and it makes me smile

  • The Bont Is Back
    The Bont Is Back

    My brother is also autistic. Not only is it hard for him, it’s also just as hard or maybe harder for me. But whatever happens at the end of the day, he is great to be around and makes me. 😊

    • nat

      It is not harder for you, trust me. You are not the one living in a world that makes you exhausted because it isn’t made for you, so stop making him feel like a burden because he didn’t ask to be born that way.

  • Mr potato Big
    Mr potato Big

    Omg hi is sooooooooo smarta

  • MIchelle Gonzalez
    MIchelle Gonzalez

    Your son is so cute and I really like all of your videos

  • Alex Merrill
    Alex Merrill

    How long did it take u to make him

  • ZacSucks AtStuff
    ZacSucks AtStuff

    1:45 that is my birthday

  • Amigo

    his son is 😬+😄

  • RoGamer10

    im glad you were able to get the courage to upload this video :D

  • IBRAHIM Alowonle
    IBRAHIM Alowonle

    Wow,this was a great video. Thank You Mark Rober.

  • man_hunter_howell

    So he can use the stand Hey Ya! on everyone instead of himself. Nice!

  • Hayden Wilson
    Hayden Wilson

    I’m not crying you’re crying 🥲

  • MrDirector

    thats just sad

  • michEA L AS
    michEA L AS


    • LOGAN7907


  • Felix Tran
    Felix Tran

    I have an autistic son to

    • LOGAN7907

      Too* I think i know where your son gets it from...

  • Prospect 86
    Prospect 86

    This is the best video you have ever made.

  • Aitutakikuuipo

    Oh my goodness! I loved this video! Your kid and his friends ARE amazing!! I'm so happy that you chose to share him with the world...that kind of joy and happiness is definitely needed in this world. Love that you trusted your audience with your amazing story and lovely family.

  • Craig

    "I love you kiddo. I love you Papa" 😭😭😭😭

  • Gian Luca Grinfan
    Gian Luca Grinfan

    This was so beautiful in so many levels, thanks for sharing a glimpse of your son/father journey

  • Gbyyny Bbyynu
    Gbyyny Bbyynu


  • Mr Whale
    Mr Whale

    this is amazing bro!! From one human to another i love you bruv

  • Emiliaann Gomez
    Emiliaann Gomez

    This is so happy it made me cry 😃😃


    he brings hapiness for sure he remember me to my nephew 🥰

  • Angela Bohot
    Angela Bohot

    I have an autistic/ADHD sensory child myself. It's hard but I love her so much

  • ArticFox12

    I'm autistic, though I act like a normal kid with no autism. I have no clue why???

  • Anshal Maknojia
    Anshal Maknojia

    Yo your son has a great ability

  • bryan anderson
    bryan anderson

    much love to you and your son he is the reason you wake up in the morning

  • BluJLol

    This video made me smile

  • Sebastian Pottle
    Sebastian Pottle


  • BADIUSE lol
    BADIUSE lol

    You make me feel really happy each time I see your video

  • garnt

    Just when I thought I couldn't respect you more

  • freechen yule 2 washing machine destruction
    freechen yule 2 washing machine destruction

    I’m autistic too

  • HouseHoldAdventures

    This is why you dont get vaccinated people.

    • Johnny Murphy
      Johnny Murphy


  • TwinightToast40

    As someone with ADHD/ GAD that has a older brother with Down-Syndrom and cerebral palsy ,this made me cry...

  • Taylor

    Amazing. Thank you for such a well done video.

  • Luna_Gl!tch0.0

    I Have ASD To!. Mine has been the same yet feels worse, I hope he's ok ^%

  • Abdul Ammar
    Abdul Ammar

    Barely people make me smile when im sad but your son made me smile

  • Jay Adams
    Jay Adams

    Mad respect for shaing something so personal to your family, and you did it in such a great way

  • Koen van Eldijk
    Koen van Eldijk

    also my son has it I have it :)

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Why does your Son looks like an Austist?

    • ew it’s ace
      ew it’s ace

      He’s American not Australian.

  • Epic Hammer
    Epic Hammer

    All are cool

  • CrAcKhEaD vibes
    CrAcKhEaD vibes

    Thank you for this message, my brothers who are twins are also autistic

  • Caiden riley Riley
    Caiden riley Riley

    Mark don’t worry

  • ChickenNuggies

    when he said that they are constantly running out of postage stamps I thought he was going to say "and markers"


    just makes me cry how we have been so blind that someone with something less than me is doing better than me you and you child has changed the way i live

  • Alicia Mitchell
    Alicia Mitchell

    You made me cry😊🥲

  • Valtemir Marques Ribeiro filho
    Valtemir Marques Ribeiro filho

    I cried here!

  • NOMNOM 38
    NOMNOM 38

    ok that was epic

  • Fox squad
    Fox squad

    Your son reminds me of my friend Jamison because he always laughs

  • Rasmuna Awang Nik
    Rasmuna Awang Nik

    Clearly he have his mother smile and his father brain

  • Gotcha052 4
    Gotcha052 4

    I have a lot of mental disabilities including The same mental disease as your son and I might not have a superpower but I feel very happy knowing that that’s better people had the same thing as me and I’m going for the same thing and I completely support your child decision to make everyone he meets an awesome card👍❤️

  • Trey Styles357
    Trey Styles357

    What a beautiful family🥲 heart is so full

  • Scorpion Dominoes
    Scorpion Dominoes

    This really touched me! You presented this information in great respectful and positive way! I am autistic myself and have 2 autistic sons. I realised that I am autistic just one and a half years ago at age 43, and got my diagnosis a couple of weeks ago. Your son looks like a wonderful boy! Thank you so much for this! 👍 🙂

  • Mr JPP
    Mr JPP

    Most people concentrate on peoples appearnce and how they act or what they wear but there are only a few that concentrate on the brain. Your son is defiantly very special.


    The first video I watched yours was 3 days back and finished all your videos....and after everything are my favorite ISdownsr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ from india ❤️❤️

  • Sakhi shaikh 12 Shaikh
    Sakhi shaikh 12 Shaikh

    Not me looking for rude people so that I can roast them

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason

    Your son is amazing and has amazing parents that have been so caring.

  • ghost1825

    Mark I have autism and I see at lot of things different from everyone else I can speak normally but it does get hard to explain things I forget which type of autism I have and I always have special needs for my school work but I love to do stuff with computers mostly programing

    • nat

      If you have autism it’s autism. It doesn’t really have different types because everyone on the spectrum is different.

    • ghost1825

      I have a lot of other things too that makes it worse like adhd which makes me distracted very easily and I have always been very sedative to every that I can feel like when I get a haircut I always feel the cut hair on my neck which is very uncomfortable

    • ghost1825

      Love your videos and explain what’s the world feels like with autism

  • SpaceFlight

    this was the best video

  • toxicrain

    Your son is fanny 🤣

  • Meeemer

    all support for your son !

  • Calvin


  • teniel brandon
    teniel brandon

    I have autism as well it is hard but I don’t think of it has a disability but as a super power I am who I am and whoever dose not see that is the one with the problem 😁

    • teniel brandon
      teniel brandon

      @Ágnostos thanks I have a dog tho

    • Ágnostos

      Ohh. Buy a puppy. Puppies help alot.

  • Duke Shaver
    Duke Shaver

    Mark thank you so much for sharing. That was such an amazing video.. Keep up the great work brother.

  • Blake McCain
    Blake McCain

    I think you son will be the second santa

  • VeloAufNull

    you mad me cry :)

  • Loren Edens
    Loren Edens

    Mark I understand I have a artistic friend and the only problem is that some ppl will be mean but we need to be nice and think them as a normal and let them take there time

  • Ben-A-Ficial

    My birthday is on May 26th 2006 that’s awesome luck!

  • NightKiller_2

    Nice to see after 3 months more then 3 million was raised.

  • RollinCode

    best superpower ever :)

  • sweet tooth
    sweet tooth

    Thanks for making this video with your son and explaining autism a little more in depth. Your son is adorable and seems really sweet and you seem like a great father as well. He looks very happy. I know it's hard to, especially when it's about people you care about, but try to disregard any negative or rude comments. It's usually from immature kids or people with inferiority complexes.

  • T S
    T S

    I have a speshal needs sister

  • Drew Avedisian
    Drew Avedisian

    I know it was stuff making this video, I feel the same cause my autistic brother is on ISdowns, it makes me worried but I know he can handle it and I know you can handle it , we love you mark