Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)
Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

0:01 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
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3:14 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
6:38 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
7:11 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
8:32 - Sugar Fairy - Danijel Zambo- soundcloud.com/danijel-zambo
9:54 - Berlin - Andrew Applepie - andrewapplepie.com/
11:30 - The Ocean - Andrew Applepie - soundcloud.com/andrewapplepie...
13:42 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
15:21 - Manhattan - Cecilia Lindh www.epidemicsound.com/
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

    • Gamerknight FJ
      Gamerknight FJ

      Imagine bill Gates relply

    • David Panek
      David Panek

      I ate an imposable plant burger

    • Aquarian Goddess
      Aquarian Goddess

      Hempcrete is the way of the future regarding the concreting sector.


      Ha it's elon musk

    • Rosemary Holloway
      Rosemary Holloway

      Its TikTok

  • That random Guy
    That random Guy

    Mark Rober just like “hi bill, nice to see you again”

  • Ash Mer
    Ash Mer

    Im a vegetarian already so thanks for more reason

  • Captian Corn
    Captian Corn

    8:32 I know this is like a world saving thing and stuff but like, this beat slaps


    Well as an avid carnivore you have made the strongest and smartest argument I’ve ever come across and I’m gonna go buy an impossible in the morning and give it a whirl

  • Ashwat’s 0010
    Ashwat’s 0010

    can a veg eat this?

  • Doug Dimmadome
    Doug Dimmadome

    ThatVeganTeacher is coming for you Mark.

  • Ghuncha Jan
    Ghuncha Jan

    He the owner 9f micsoft

  • B K
    B K

    I dint think I even have to mention it cuz we all know, but bill ages absolutely inSANELY WELL... Like amazing....

  • Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel
    Official Elon Musk YouTube Channel

    So what you’re saying is plants are ALSO an inefficient middleman. We need to eat THE SUN.

  • InfinityCS

    honestly, you could have just stopped after Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes i did have to google the spelling of his surname) congratulations u have wasted ur time sucessfully

  • Angel Romana
    Angel Romana

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  • RJ??

    I’m addicted to Impossible burgers and I’m not vegan of anything

  • Linus Johansson
    Linus Johansson

    kinda klick bait but I like the video

  • You're A Little Bit Fat
    You're A Little Bit Fat

    fck population control gates.

  • Jack Wetter
    Jack Wetter

    Is it a bad thing that I work at impossible food and I still eat meat?

  • Galactic Tuber
    Galactic Tuber

    Plant Wagyu?

  • Pharaoh XP
    Pharaoh XP

    Where that plant based bacon at? I need me a plant based Bacon cheese burger

  • Kevin

    Mark: Funny Smart World changing School: Boring Boring Boring

  • Jaycob Evans
    Jaycob Evans

    I eat only Waygu

  • Star Shot-Minecraft
    Star Shot-Minecraft

    lost 20% of the amazon wow bill really fricken losin' it

  • GameBaby 3077
    GameBaby 3077

    5:11 theres the ingriediens to make a plat bases burgir

  • AquaColor TO
    AquaColor TO

    Bill talking about next 2 decades with no guarantee he'll be alive

  • Vincent Doyle
    Vincent Doyle

    Too bad it costs like double as much money to eat sustainably

  • awamleh Abdul
    awamleh Abdul

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  • Stanislav Pitsul
    Stanislav Pitsul

    i just eat what my mom makes

  • B P
    B P

    How about plants. Plants are lives too

  • Moggsie

    I've never heard Bill Gate's voice until now...

  • Yayayayya

    Where is your response on the debunk videos?

  • Pokemon gaming
    Pokemon gaming

    Now this is called vegetarian meat 😂😂 but really don't eat beef they can eat this

  • vitaliy

    Fun fact: While being capable of eating both meat and plants, humans are herbivores by nature.

    • Linas Krulikauskas
      Linas Krulikauskas

      Fun fact: humans originally ate meat and mostly meat (with the occasional berries) so we are carnivores by nature

    • Ammar Starčević
      Ammar Starčević

      No we're not. You literally learn this stuff at school

  • Sushrut Suryawanshi
    Sushrut Suryawanshi

    Im veg so I dont care 🤣🤣

  • AAA

    I'm a meat-eater and not some meadow muffin and the way you described everything is real I'm on borad

  • Master Oskar pro
    Master Oskar pro

    I mean the title makes it seem like he is just bulling bill gates lol 😂

  • 4mariki

    How did you get to meet Bill Gates?

  • winterfirex0

    Beginning imagination guidance

  • Ghost spider 5340
    Ghost spider 5340

    No joke as a vegetarian seeming that vegie meat burger 🍔 made me drool

    • Akshat Kumar
      Akshat Kumar

      As a vegetarian, it is pretty clear that Vegetarian>Vegan

  • Pokemon Boy
    Pokemon Boy

    Vegan teacher be like 😟

  • SolidAzure

    Thing still buggers me its called meat but ITS NOT MEAT STOP CALLING IT MEAT

    • VividRouge

      It's plant meat

  • Vector

    Feeding the imposter milk

  • Charlie Mackeben
    Charlie Mackeben


  • Josh Russell
    Josh Russell


  • Farnaz Desai
    Farnaz Desai

    that wierd vegam techer will be happy anout u

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson

    I will only get on board when and only when you can create something that looks smells and tastes like fresh ribeye from plants

  • averytheraisin

    But I like meat. And that's where they come in

  • BigDic Hertzer
    BigDic Hertzer

    Can’t stand Bill Gates

  • Connor Acton
    Connor Acton

    6:19 is that ty from dude perfect

  • Joonas Mitt
    Joonas Mitt

    I can't beleive that bill still didn't comment after over a year

  • Derpy_David !
    Derpy_David !

    Uhhh mark… that burgers a little uncooked.

  • Justin Wang
    Justin Wang

    You won’t stop me from eating my steak!

    • callum

      Mate you’re probably about 6. You really ain’t doing anything with all that protein that you definitely can’t get from any other foods

  • sunburst27

    So, in short, humanity is fucked

  • DKdieall

    well that mindset of for it to be a true meal it has to have meat still fits, since its just plant based meat instead

  • Dashe Renewal
    Dashe Renewal

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  • Zes

    no such thing as xclass or not, idts, moneyx doesnt matter

  • Web duck
    Web duck

    So if this is plant based ! Why does it cost twice a much ? Make it cheaper then meat and i'm in :D

  • McGamer

    BRUH HE MET BILL GATES :ooooooooooooooo

  • Tomas Gonzalez
    Tomas Gonzalez

    When my father decided to quit smoking, I asked him how many of the 20 cigarettes a day he really enjoyed. He replied that no more than 2 or 3. I am trying to think the same: how much of the meat I eat do I really enjoy? Sure, the barbecue T-bone, but the rest? Are they really necessary? Do I need to eat everyday a low quality no enjoyable and expendable steak? I'm sure not.

  • Beast5986

    *bottelt like curry*

  • Itz Ninja
    Itz Ninja

    The thundering hardware hopefully ruin because sort coincidentally pedal around a adjoining leek. idiotic, tense edward

  • Rayan Iman
    Rayan Iman


  • I'm_not_ silly
    I'm_not_ silly

    But they can’t make ribs?

  • Nacque 0
    Nacque 0

    hmmmmm Lewis 2

  • Totally Verified
    Totally Verified


  • Dylan Vlogs
    Dylan Vlogs

    Bill is the 2nd richest in the world

    • callum


  • A Cardas
    A Cardas

    At 6:15 he just touched the pan with his bare hand?!?!?

  • Jolt Flyer
    Jolt Flyer

    So how healthy is it compared to meat?

    • Jolt Flyer
      Jolt Flyer

      @callumBut eating those burgers isn't necessarily as healthy as being vegan since there is about the same amount of fats as in meat burgers!

    • callum

      Much healthier as it massively reduces the risk of things like heart attacks and heart disease by something like 3x by being vegan.

  • OeyMcOman

    Somehow, the music when ever you talk about important things, just makes me understand it way more.

  • DGMR Gamez
    DGMR Gamez

    watched this before eating dinner

  • ImNotZac

    The best part is when the little girl says you tricked me marko rovaa jk I love your vids

  • BananaJoe4ever


  • Masada 5.56x45
    Masada 5.56x45

    It might be too late.

    • Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha
      Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha

      No me

  • Jack

    bill gates mukbang channel?!?!

  • Bloxy Cola
    Bloxy Cola

    My dad owns a pig farm and we sell them to slaughterhouse

  • Erik sandlin
    Erik sandlin

    im literally watching this vid while my mom and dad arguing

    • Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha
      Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha

      You OK?

  • Jinsanity

    I m late af but eating only plants won't save the planet .

    • callum

      @Jinsanity I don’t fully understand your point, but having a plant based diet DOES HELP. And plants aren’t alive in the same way that animals are.

    • Jinsanity

      @callum nop maybe stopping nuclear weapons development or wasting water will . U see yourself but people are straving till dead and you want to eat f plant wich are also alive . I have no problem if you having a plant based diet but assuming that eating "meat" burger will destroy the planet that's enough there are plenty way to be unique rather than this .

    • callum

      It will help

    • Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha
      Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha


  • KSGvoid

    what kind of terrible person would make plant based meat, let me tell you, vegans. but i dont consider them is people

    • KSGvoid

      @callum calm down Karen it's a joke

    • callum

      You definitely haven’t hit puberty yet. If you don’t consider a group of people human for being vegan then you really need to come off the internet because you’re not mature enough to be exposed to it

  • Char Baccaa
    Char Baccaa

    I know a grate fish recipe

  • damian the bandit
    damian the bandit

    Please serce this to Thatveganteacher, and the day adter serve her a real burger, its gonna be hillarious!

  • Soyo 100
    Soyo 100

    I thought Tim Cook was richter

  • fire plays games LV
    fire plays games LV

    Id want to eat thus burber

    • Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha
      Bunnygirlgacha53 gacha

      Me to

  • Poo-inator

    I relate to the Jedi door opening at 8:33

  • vishakha kathuria
    vishakha kathuria

    What do u mean by d**** burgers

  • James Curley
    James Curley

    Well if we all eat plants we dry the planet out

    • callum

      Are you dense

  • Omni man
    Omni man

    8:33 Christmas music in February?

  • Austin Howard
    Austin Howard

    i know the lady who told you and showed you the ingredients at impossible meats

    • callum

      That’s so cool! Are you related or just know her?

  • MinoIsPog

    Dang you gonna make vegan teacher eat this

  • The Noober
    The Noober

    don’t feed thatveganteacher the crazy stuff she needs :( *this is a joke comment*

  • Xixiang Li
    Xixiang Li


  • Nico Patrick Manansala
    Nico Patrick Manansala

    lol that vegan teacher finds another reason y you should go vegan XDDDD

  • Subarulogo

    Trying to normalize vegetarianism

  • ZaneyGamer09

    this guy made everyone in the entire world vegan

  • Kayo Whale
    Kayo Whale


  • Chicken Foot
    Chicken Foot

    I’m way late on the comment but try mock chicken salad from Whole Foods, my entire family couldn’t tell the difference. 😂 Seitan tofu is actually better than meat in protein as well.

    • Subarulogo

      My brother bought me one from burger king and the first thing I said was "is this burger poisoned" and he died laughing and I thought he poisoned me until he explained what it was.

  • Aisha Qahtani
    Aisha Qahtani


    • Subarulogo

      Bill Gates is not a role model or someone you should look up to. He did many bad things to children and is friends with criminals.

  • Oringames



    And this is why i love to live in Denmark. Where it is illegal to house animal for more than 1 hour

  • Big Pig
    Big Pig

    I’m still waiting for 2021’s version.

    • Gabriel Blaga
      Gabriel Blaga

      Me too

  • Sayente Vanderham
    Sayente Vanderham

    Not every farmer are bad

    • Kyle green
      Kyle green

      not small farmers that have cattle on pasture but the people that put animals on concrete aren’t necessarily the best people

    • Subarulogo

      Yes, thats why we should be supporting local stores and farmers