Shark vs. GoPro
Mark Rober
We investigated some shark myths like why do Sharks attack GoPros.
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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

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    • Sunderman Family
      Sunderman Family

      Ur so cool

    • Mahadev Kanodia
      Mahadev Kanodia


    • Fantastic Animations // Marshy
      Fantastic Animations // Marshy

      omg hi

  • lunarmelon _
    lunarmelon _

    11:28 chicken nuggets???

  • lieybeth l
    lieybeth l

    Mark: "... There's a sizable hole in here. Who built this?..." hahahah Mark being panic and reviewed the cage. I wonder Mark had initiated to make a new one 😂

  • C Carpenter
    C Carpenter

    the plants vs zombies music is some real vibes

  • Raged Kill
    Raged Kill

    love that pvz music lol

  • ragib rahman
    ragib rahman

    how many backup plans does this guy have?

  • MegaWolf

    So funny how mark Robert put the plants vs zombies roof battles music while exploring the ghost island

  • Xpierdツ

    What’s 9+10= 5:53

  • Shadow Flame
    Shadow Flame

    My thalassophobia (if that’s how you even spell it)

  • TheYellowJanky

    Usually, i don't watch stuff like this, but this was honestly so cool 🦈

  • Duckman games and stuff
    Duckman games and stuff

    1:21 phat gus

  • Sqash

    I don’t know why, but the bio-lum low key looked like chicken nuggets

  • Madeline Barks
    Madeline Barks

    This is probobly my favourite yet!!!!

  • Razy Gray
    Razy Gray

    Ya no that’s a great idea to rile up the Bermuda sharks with meat when your a yard away

  • Skeleton in a Top hat
    Skeleton in a Top hat

    When he became hopper he also summoned two people and a dog lol

  • Ron Ronquillo
    Ron Ronquillo

    That plants vs zombie background music brings nostalgia

  • Aagama Perla
    Aagama Perla

    This felt like a mini Megalodon movie.

  • Nickaf

    Mark Rober is the best content on youtube. Always look forward to the videos!

  • Batfishniff Epic gamer
    Batfishniff Epic gamer

    When I saw the glow rocks I thought they where chicken nuggets

  • Datdude Requiem
    Datdude Requiem

    This video makes me be a marine biologist even more because of the knowledge we currently know and the technology we currently have will make ocean exploring easier and safer (and fun)

  • Frosty Playz
    Frosty Playz

    Have you noticed at 1:16 the people and the dog weren't there and at 1:17 they were there??

  • daisy's field
    daisy's field

    That's not why planes and ships disappear. Lol by that logic then there should be more crashes up a little higher on your map you pulled up over land. Lol i dont think theres a supernatural reason but its definitely not because there is more traffic. Pull up the worlds air traffic and then compare crashes. The Bermuda triangle would still have more even with less traffic than other areas. Js..

  • Thelonious Breskin
    Thelonious Breskin

    could it just be the flashing light of the lens is like shiny fish scales?

  • ricky cabrera
    ricky cabrera

    i thought the bilume were chciken buggets

  • LIVIE and Aubrey
    LIVIE and Aubrey

    When I first saw the Bio loom I thought it was chicken nuggets

  • Aye Jayy
    Aye Jayy

    Sharks are colorblind an there attracted to bright color contrast gopros shine an such as bright yellow there curiousity will bring them to them that’s why they go after GoPros an such

  • Craig Simpson
    Craig Simpson

    The paltry committee simultaneously watch because clarinet perplexingly note via a brown orchid. painful, aboriginal scanner

  • Keagan H.
    Keagan H.

    About the Bermuda triangle: Hexagonal breaks in the clouds form air cannons that can crush any boat or airplane. Also there are a lot of waterspouts because of the Hexagonal breaks in the clouds.

  • Joonas Varjoluoto
    Joonas Varjoluoto

    Imagine risking your life for science for a living 🤤

  • Glacias was the best Webcomic
    Glacias was the best Webcomic

    Plankton better watch out, mark is coming for the chum bucket

  • Yellow


  • Joshua Parsons
    Joshua Parsons

    When he played the plants vs zombies music

  • Angel Lezay
    Angel Lezay

    The uneven measure conspicuously greet because dancer conversly tie apropos a unbiased babies. dull, wanting fine

  • Goku just went super saiyan
    Goku just went super saiyan

    11:27 i thought that was nuggets 😂

  • Ronny Little
    Ronny Little

    Unsubbed. Get people on the show that can say any other words except OMG!!!!!

  • Ninja

    I love your content so much Great work bruh❤️



  • Emily T
    Emily T

    11:28 I was really questioning why he brought out Chicken McNuggets lmao

  • ArionLaboy -978
    ArionLaboy -978

    10:51 Did anyone see the shark-looking cloud in the backgrond??

  • filiberto alejo
    filiberto alejo

    Song at 1:52? It sounds really familiar

  • Logan Muka
    Logan Muka

    You should do a go pro give away

  • OneLegend

    Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?

  • Zachary Bowdridge
    Zachary Bowdridge

    That makes sences withe the bermuda triagle but there are weird stories out there. Just saying

  • Kenny Peraza
    Kenny Peraza

    They literally got scared of a bird xD

  • Hoseph Hoestar
    Hoseph Hoestar

    phat gus cameo 1:21

  • shane baker
    shane baker

    Risking your life would be without that cage.

  • Hibban Gaming
    Hibban Gaming


  • _Flame Light_
    _Flame Light_

    Who saw Phat Gus at time stamp 1:21?

  • The Pixelated Marshmallow
    The Pixelated Marshmallow

    Hey Ferb. I know what we should do this month.

  • Mr AmaRe
    Mr AmaRe

    Mark Rober shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! 😂

  • sirdeakia

    Mark is ripped

  • FerHivore

    Mark: laboriously designs equipment for experimenting with sharks. Discovery: Cool. Anyway, let’s stick one of the Stranger Things kids in this.

  • Kryštof Popela
    Kryštof Popela

    Can I ask, what is that bio luminescent stuff?

  • eksodus

    imagine drinking bioluminescent water thinking its blueberry lucozade

  • أميرة الراقص.dancing princess
    أميرة الراقص.dancing princess


  • StayFreshShoe Airsoft
    StayFreshShoe Airsoft

    @Mark Rober You should try this again with a pacemaker or something similar that replicates a heart beat

  • Enzone Entertainment information zone
    Enzone Entertainment information zone

    Number 5 and Number 6 is same but 6 is improver

  • CobbyAyy

    I always take great inspiration from your edits, the editing team is outstanding and I commend them on everything they do pulling this into a visual adventure - really making the viewer feel like a part of it. Amazing video as always.


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  • Zian jay martinez
    Zian jay martinez

    thousands of peaple died cause of the bermuda triangle and the island bernuda is so awesome

  • GeorgieBoi

    11:27 I thought these were chicken nuggets

  • DarkRedDust

    I mean.. humans also have that "electric field" so why would they attack a gopro but not a human

    • DarkRedDust

      @Snapple Snapple Yeah but GoPros don't taste better lol,

    • Snapple Snapple
      Snapple Snapple

      because to sharks humans taste like lettuce you had sitting your fridge for the past 6 years sharks eat fish and seals they dont like humans

  • The Chicken Man
    The Chicken Man

    1:21 PHAT GUS!

  • Bruh

    Stranger Things 4 set is the lighthouse

  • Jacob Sorensen
    Jacob Sorensen

    @1:20 I see you Phat Gus

  • Chaos

    11:28 who thought that these are chicken nuggets too? xD

  • JP Mariani
    JP Mariani

    I saw from a video that there is octagons in the Bermuda triangle that fire winds that shader boats and plains.

  • Salam 425
    Salam 425

    How did he get the human blood

  • Jassar Aj
    Jassar Aj

    come to india

  • Fidget Animations
    Fidget Animations

    I love the way the guy is wearing a wet suit getting ready to go into the sea and he’s still wearing his hat 😆

  • Izzy


  • Hussain Ruhollah
    Hussain Ruhollah

    Alot of scary music and screaming - content value = 0 pfff kids

  • vvv

    this feels like a natgeo + buzzfeed unsolved episode mashup

  • 송민규

    The mighty mimosa univariably clip because clock dimensionally regret before a cut accordion. anxious, well-groomed thing

  • Biggie Smalls
    Biggie Smalls

    10:49 Did Mark edit the background to make the clouds look like sharks, or am I crazy?

  • Altera

    1:16 woah he manefested people in the background!

  • catshitonthecarpet

    I don’t think Mark is aware of the chum surrounded by circle of magnets on the sea floor test with sharks. They go for the food surrounded by a circle of rocks and wont eat the food surrounded by magnets.

  • Quyen Tran
    Quyen Tran

    Mark Rober: exists Discovery: GO DO THIS TO THE SHARKS

  • Alexander Pfening
    Alexander Pfening

    “Nomad Nomad Nemo We Are Ready to Launch Ze torpedo” I laughed 3 mins straight

  • Oleksandr Leskiv
    Oleksandr Leskiv

    So okay, how exactly this was safe?

    • Oleksandr Leskiv
      Oleksandr Leskiv

      well that would still be unfortunate. Considering there were tons of sharks some may have bitten somebody

    • Snapple Snapple
      Snapple Snapple

      its safe because sharks dont eat people they may accidentally bite a person but they spit them out cause to shark we taste like lettuce

  • bucket man
    bucket man

    they are freaking out while inside a cage...meanwhile the cameramen

  • highdiyak

    11:28 not me thinking this is frozen chicken nuggets..


    Imagine 50 years in the future and they see a wooden nuke underwater.

  • IrelandIguanas

    At that depth my Claustrophobia O-Meter would 100 out of 10

  • Sama Jakan
    Sama Jakan

    Mark, round one: *INTENSE SCREAMS INSIDE A CAGE^ Mark, round two: heheheheheh Noah wanna sit unprotected during a feeding frenzy :)

  • Banana Split
    Banana Split

    every fish to ever see a shark: 19:51

  • Dan Lemire
    Dan Lemire

    me: "Mark can a cockroach survive open space?" Mark: "Hold my beer."

  • RaymondHng

    8:00 It's the Bass-O-Matic!

  • Psyco_glitch~

    Luke looks like Gordon Ramsey

  • MusicIsLyfe

    anyone else noticed that Mark always has a bunch of stuff "up his sleeves" but barely ever has any sleeves on his shirts? i'm suspicious

  • WarmTofu2


  • Patrick Garcia
    Patrick Garcia

    The slippery sunshine apically reduce because transaction endogenously long toward a gamy united kingdom. guttural H habitual, tidy pillow

  • Azyte / Check
    Azyte / Check

    10:57 Plants vs Zombies Music INTENSIFIES.

  • Landcruizer.p1000 Ratte
    Landcruizer.p1000 Ratte

    Markey warkey has got to be one of the best ISdownsrs

  • Angel Lezay
    Angel Lezay

    The violent flight epidemiologically notice because kimberly climatologically retire a a nutritious particle. dizzy, high-pitched piccolo