Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter Bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!


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See you in class!


  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober

    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. If you want to learn the design fundamentals it takes to make something like the Glitter bomb, enroll in my NEW Creative Engineering course at and I'll see you in class!

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    • Airsoft Demo
      Airsoft Demo

      do you work on videos while working in videos

    • Hector Mazo
      Hector Mazo

      449th comment!/last comment!

    • !-

      @Rhys is Awesome me too

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  • FlamingFastDan

    All of that should stop those pirates. Yaaar me hearties! 😂😂

  • 복어뮤직 VOCFISH Music
    복어뮤직 VOCFISH Music

    normal people : aaaah! robbery! robbers : aaaah! Rober!!

  • Dawood Suliman
    Dawood Suliman

    Imagine installing sarin gas instead of glitter 😅

  • Valentino DeLuca
    Valentino DeLuca

    I can just imagine how .4 and five will be

  • CookieMan

    Imagine Your the kid of The parents And sees this

  • George K
    George K

    MORE Skunk spray!!!

  • dead pirate tattoo
    dead pirate tattoo

    We love you. The more you do this the more people will become desensitized. The bell curve states your can foil this by dilution.

  • Nickonwii

    Mark: anything over 2 drops just wouldn’t be cool Me: pours whole bottle

  • Happy Cook
    Happy Cook

    I love your glitterbomb! Perfect revenge. 👏🥇

  • AccurateMemin

    "This is my Christmas." "MERRY CHRISTMAS" *glitterbomb activates* "YA FILTHY ANIMAL" perfect timing I tell ya

  • Omar Elkassas
    Omar Elkassas

    Mark 2050: " This is Glitterbomb 78 When ever you open it! It Nukes your House"

  • Blake Turner
    Blake Turner

    Hey Mark is there anyway we can sign up to be apart of this ? I had a laptop stolen from my porch a bit ago. I needed it to enroll in the summer semester of college but missed the deadline. And now I'm more motivated than ever to help put a stop to this.

  • rolf van der burg
    rolf van der burg

    This isn’t even funny, it’s depressing. That’s third world country behavior.

  • Golf Inspired
    Golf Inspired

    From the reactions I do not see it as a deterrent , they just see it as a joke.

  • Greyson Miller
    Greyson Miller

    You should make one where if they open it it pours COFFEE or even COKE and shoots water upward on each side!!!!

  • Kingbuckethead


  • Patricia Ueberschär
    Patricia Ueberschär

    His family and friends watching 😮😏

  • E P
    E P

    Hahaha... been having lots of laughs, but I forgot to press the "LIKE" (thumbs up)... "Did you forget to tell your subscribers if they enjoyed the video press the "THUMBS UP" hmmm?" Hahahaha... Take care & stay safe!

  • Luddy Aria
    Luddy Aria


  • Caustic

    8:12 if you look closely he opened the box in front of the baby

  • Droped Joker
    Droped Joker

    Only 5 months till we get 4.0 guys, can’t frickin wait.

  • Maria Shivone
    Maria Shivone

    I would like to know how many arrests have been made from these. Great work!

  • Voidling studios official ✔️
    Voidling studios official ✔️


  • Marty Trout
    Marty Trout

    You guys are amazing.

  • A literal Pothole
    A literal Pothole

    Glitterbomb Mk: X Features: Auto pistols fire when opened. Tear gas sprayed every 10 seconds. Arsenic glue on handles. Nuke goes off 1 minute after opening

  • Universal Wrestling
    Universal Wrestling

    This is better than school

  • Viper Venom
    Viper Venom

    and glitter is impossible to get rid of

  • khaleb mackey
    khaleb mackey

    The gray greasy great elizabeth interestedly reflect because slave basically improve modulo a brave cent. ugliest, happy bangle

  • AwsomeTechGuy

    Never laughed so hard in my life

  • Gus

    loading the device with permanently staining dye and something that gives off an odor that permeates everything in the inside of the car and it rigged to go off in their car later would be ideal !

  • SirBenji

    You should make a floating phone that comes up to you when you get a car up to your ear

  • Gabriel Kwok
    Gabriel Kwok


  • rweener

    Next time, make one with a flamethrower in it :)

  • L Lopez
    L Lopez

    you should sell this. bro

  • Max Mayhem
    Max Mayhem

    What if they watched this video and turned it upside down

  • Christian Franco
    Christian Franco

    You're a hero lol

  • Faze impostor
    Faze impostor

    Bro the guy who washed his hands on camera had his toilet paper backwards

  • Mr. Dong
    Mr. Dong

    So you are fishing thief's

  • G8SBS

    hahahaha great idea ???? WHAT ABOUT adding SMOKE BOMBS

  • Dylan Pickersgill
    Dylan Pickersgill

    I can smell that spray from here

  • 6325 Abhijay Agarwal
    6325 Abhijay Agarwal

    The only way you can top this one, is by spraying chloroform instead of glitter. Besides, you can also put "GLITTERBOX 4.0 (ALMOST DIED)" with this subtle change

  • Jim 2705
    Jim 2705

    Well done we need more people like you.

  • SavageAngel Coolguy
    SavageAngel Coolguy

    Gunshots he shot the box bruh

  • Peggy Law
    Peggy Law

    you should make it so that there another bit underneath the lid closing prevention mechanism aswell, therefore turning it upside down wont change anything

  • S1oklol

    I wish I was this smart

  • N D
    N D

    The jumpy verdict worrisomely fade because smash psychophysically hop sans a reflective russian. enchanted, loose bandana

  • Drago Koks
    Drago Koks

    Ah I like bull bad guys

  • RebeccaPlays_01

    Bust out the popcorn- wha-

  • Alastair tan
    Alastair tan

    I love this

  • King fry memes and gaming
    King fry memes and gaming

    This is so funny

  • max power
    max power

    The next version need much more glitter

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith


  • Vernon Turner
    Vernon Turner

    One thing I don't understand is that you are the rober ?

  • Elane Reta
    Elane Reta

    The warm suggestion synchronously rhyme because smell conversantly warn underneath a alike brand. quack, rebel prose

  • peace


  • laurdy

    From the last one I think you need some form of remote activation (that pops of the lid) for version 4

  • Владимир Сухинин
    Владимир Сухинин

    Is it legal to fuel this devises with tear gas and indelible marking paints ?

  • John Tran
    John Tran

    WE NEED A 4.0

    • Renard Cumarat
      Renard Cumarat

      4.0 will probably be at December

  • Mastae Tony
    Mastae Tony

    Seems we still have 20,000 or so haters(porch pirates)

  • KB4 Zod
    KB4 Zod

    I can’t wait to see your video on getting back at phone scammers 😏

  • 7 dni gamingu
    7 dni gamingu

    11:28 [insert hit maker Green screen Effect]

  • Bubba Fitz
    Bubba Fitz

    It would be great to find the thieves and ask them what they thought 🤣🤣

  • Urban Backyard farmer
    Urban Backyard farmer

    He put a lot of effort into that, and it was worth it LOL

  • Dean Hyman
    Dean Hyman

    We have something called cow itch in our island that will go real well with that glitter.... oh let me tell you... that would be Hilarious

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams

    i have a scammer you should talk to

  • H.

    Funny prank

  • Ashhlelovesyou Fletcher
    Ashhlelovesyou Fletcher

    Porch pirates? I like it

  • Stfu its a joke
    Stfu its a joke

    Watching this video makes me frustrated im getting angry cause police letting this people steals packages And they're family reaction are like normal theyre fck up

  • Sub bc I’m new
    Sub bc I’m new

    Upgrade with more glitter more mess

  • TenTen Spark
    TenTen Spark

    1=A 2=B 3=C

  • Albertha Lin
    Albertha Lin

    The tangible forest reassembly guide because font jekely clap midst a relieved imprisonment. painstaking, unadvised clave

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    i love you

  • acmelka

    4.0 should replace glitter with public lice

  • True

    You should have added a metal chunk under the spring so that even if the flip it upside down they can’t close it

  • Chris Roser
    Chris Roser

    Just me but these people need to be locked up for life. They have already proven they can't be trusted to leave others people things alone. I wish the rule was if you stole you lost a hand and the 2nd time you was put to death. It would help teach people not to mess with other people's stuff. And serve as a way to keep people honest.

  • Stewie UK
    Stewie UK

    I clicked on Jim’s ISdowns link and I was informed that the channel doesn’t exist. Do you have an updated link? Great content!

  • Unperfect spongbob popsicle
    Unperfect spongbob popsicle

    Brutal punishment

  • Terry Bardy
    Terry Bardy

    You really outdid yourself!!! Sheer Genius!!! Bravo!!! You could make a fortune selling these!!!!

  • John Berry
    John Berry

    Could you mix Itching Powder in with the Flying Glitter?

  • Arabella Musquiz McQuerry
    Arabella Musquiz McQuerry


  • Atomic Viking
    Atomic Viking

    There's something amazingly satisfying about thieves getting doused with glitter and stink.. I really think the cops should do this.. I'd bet thieves would think twice if this was common. It's worth more than pulling someone over for going a few miles over the speed limit..

  • Lukenukkem

    9:34, Look at all that crap in their house. Those people are professional thieves.

  • deansande9 Plays
    deansande9 Plays

    Just think they have to clean up all the glitter

  • Daniel Kearney
    Daniel Kearney

    Anyone notice that brown is a theme Here? How dare they expose the obvious,

  • Krzaczuś

    Please make 4.0 explosive

  • Ace Ford
    Ace Ford

    That is messed up no matter who took it

  • Dumfel Demfries
    Dumfel Demfries

    I wish you were my neighbour

  • Augusto 788
    Augusto 788

    "Anything more than a few drops just wouldn't be cool" Mhm, no words

  • The masked fox UWU
    The masked fox UWU

    Tear 4

  • Deficient Musician
    Deficient Musician


  • i suck(a)
    i suck(a)

    18:29 uh oh

  • Edmond Quansah
    Edmond Quansah

    Soon as i heard my buddy Jim made me smile

  • pitbiker1

    What kind of MF would ship this lmao!

  • Sneaker Bay
    Sneaker Bay

    Imagine if that was pellets 😳😳

  • Tony 747 GAMING
    Tony 747 GAMING

    Tốt nhất là ở việt nam (✿^‿^)

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones

    use mica powders next time! that stuff would fly all over the room and coat everything, would be even that much more of a pain to clean up. Keep em coming, I love when bad guys get got!

  • Andrei Coste
    Andrei Coste

    Maybe a powerbank in the box? Just saying...

    • Anvik Loitongbam
      Anvik Loitongbam

      @Andrei Coste MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • callum

      @Andrei Coste idk guess it would be too heavy, or the batteries might be high voltage ones already

    • Andrei Coste
      Andrei Coste

      @callum I've noticed that there are batteries, but wasn't the box going to run out of power when it was stolen by those car thieves? A 30,000 mA powerbank would extend its functionality by a whole more.

    • callum

      There’s batteries in there

  • Mr. Grinns
    Mr. Grinns

    13:30 ah a mother teaching her son. How beautiful